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You’ll find a – constantly changing – selection of tasty and unique gifts including:

Art Deco and Art Nouveau Style Handcrafted Chocolate Boxes and Baskets, filled with a variety of tasty chocs or other edibles that will put a smile on the face of the recipient.
At ArtyChocs, you will also find Traditional Dutch Liquorice, including sugar free; in addition: a range of Art and Crafts – from special and bespoke Greeting Cards and Prints of work by the artist: Marjolein Haworth, to unusual and unique crafted gifts.
You’ll also find The Perfect Gift featured at artychocs.co.uk

The website is in production however, there are a couple of links on the – [currently] one and only – web page that will take you to items currently available for purchase on the ebayUK website and, the second link will take you to [picture] examples of work and items recently sold – which may give you a few ideas, that can be produced for you as a single item or in small quantities for exclusive gifts … for someone special.

It’s for those who prefer and appreciate handcrafted-things and also take pleasure in giving unique and endearing gifts.








Take a look at some great chocolate offers available from one of our web partners here


If any of your friends are getting married soon and they want to have-a-go at producing their own ‘wedding favours’, they can find a few things to help them here


Read the results of a survey conducted by Weddingplan during 2011 – based on the responses of over 500 couples. It’s good information and just may give you a few ideas. Download/View the PDF file (499kB) here

O.K., if you’re feeling that way just now – too much hassle ? – too many fingers creeping into the pie ? – well, get out of it, go and do it – Get Married Las Vegas Style

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Feb 15 2020

The tallest and heaviest of the [living] species, resident in the Antartic, are truly remakable creatures.

Polly: …. something different, and educational. Save The Bees.

Oct 25 2019

…. something different, and educational. Save The Bees.

Polly: …. just a reminder!

Oct 25 2019

…. just a reminder!

Polly: Harry the hedgehog with his friend – bumble bee ….

Oct 25 2019

Harry the hedgehog with his friend – bumble bee ….


Jul 12 2019

Polly: Get your Polly badge (limited supply). From an original acrylic painting on canvas by Marjolein Haworth.

May 17 2019

Get your Polly badge (limited supply). From an original acrylic painting on canvas by Marjolein Haworth.

Polly: Mickey – a rescued wood mouse …

Apr 9 2019

Mickey – a rescued wood mouse …

Hampers for all occasions …

Make your own chocolate hamper for less than £5 for your empty gift hamper box – then add your choice of content from a wide range of chocolates including dairy free, wheat and gluten free, no added sugar, suitable for vegetarian etc.

Tasting hampers, Champagne & Chocolate hampers, Chocoholics hamper, Organic and Superior Selection hampers – from less than £35 to more than £70 – you’ll find them here


A large selection of hampers and ‘accessories’ –
there’s one to suit your occasion.



Loves Chocolate ( and occasions ! )

Coffee Cream and Chips

Well, not exactly. Just a great source for hundreds of chocolates in all its forms – bars, boxes, pizzas, pralines and truffles, chocolate covered fruit and nuts. Chocolate items for all sorts of occasions.

In addition, you’ll find hundreds of books – all about chocolate, how to make it and what you can do with it !

You’ll find some great chocolate at great prices _____ here

Chocolate Clothes …?

Yes, if you like the colour ‘chocolate‘ you’ll find some great bargains on ebay UK. View thousands of ladies clothing items – skirts, sweaters, jackets, underwear, trousers and a variety of accessories. You will also find thousands of other interesting items with the ‘chocolate’ theme, when you click-on ‘view all items’.

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